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Croft and Cotes is a London based indie folk duo - twins Matt and Dan Persell-Thompson. Both are self taught singer-songwriters performing their own brand of indie music .

They currently have a new EP out called Space for Sadness which follows their acclaimed debut album Symmetry which is a refreshing blend of indie and urban acoustic. Selling out twice on Amazon and at various HMVs around the UK. Drawing inspirations from The Everly Brothers to John Mayer , their varied songs have been described as a breath of fresh air with the sort of tight harmonies that only twins can achieve . 

Croft and Cotes have recently completed a nationwide BBC radio tour. They have also recently been busy travelling the length and breadth of the UK for coffee giant Cafe Nero performing as their ‘ artist of the month ‘. They continue to play live across the UK (for details please see our 'Live' page link)


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